Jason Wu For Target Is Almost Totally Sold Out (UPDATED)

Jason Wu for Target launched today! How did the mass retailer do? While a Missoni-level disaster was averted, we do have some things to discuss.

First of all, the collection went live on the Target website at midnight, despite no official announcement from Target or Wu. That’s right — shoppers weren’t told when exactly the items would become available online. This may have helped Target avoid an enormous strain on its server during a particular window, but it also made a lot of customers very unhappy. Who wants to stay up all night refreshing their browsers?

Those who assumed the collection would be available on the site beginning at 8 a.m. EST (that is, when the first stores were to open) found that the majority of items were sold out as they had already been on sale for eight hours. As of Sunday afternoon, only 11 out of the 49 items offered on the website were still available.

Interestingly, Target is only marking online exclusives whose stock has been depleted as “sold out”. Items that are also sold in stores but are sold out online are marked as “available in stores”. If you click on these items, you can check the inventory of said item at a Target near you. This is a helpful feature, but most stores also seem to be sold out of the pieces in question. Of course, you could hedge your bets over on eBay — 4,681 items match a “Jason Wu for Target” search.

UPDATE: As of Monday morning, only four items were available on the Target website. As per the Target Style Twitter account, they will be restocking select items from the collection online, but brick-and-mortar stores will not be replenished.

How did shoppers fare? According to Target fan blog Target Addict, the website was not without its issues: “One woman said she had tried to order online in the wee hours, only to have items ‘disappear’ from her cart, much like what happened to many online shoppers with Missoni.” While many customers were happy with the collection, commenter Cara wrote: “The sizing was all over the place, as were the materials.” The sentiment was echoed by Pat elsewhere in the comments: “I’m small in stature but a 10/12 and was amazed by how large the sizing was.”

Our readers also told us that some stores were more heavily stocked than others, and that most enforced a 2-pieces-per-style purchase policy. There was also a purchase limit on the website, in an effort to curb reselling. We don’t know how sucessful that strategy was, as 11,419 items marked “Jason Wu for Target” are now being sold on eBay.

Did you manage to snag anything? Tell us all about your shopping experience in the comments, or email us at tips@styleite.com.

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