JCPenney Gets A New Logo And $800 Million Worth Of Store Changes

Almost a year after giving its longstanding logo a makeover, JCPenney has yet another brand mark that its rolling out to all of its stores as part of a massive $800 million renovation of its stores and brand image. Here’s why we think that’s a bad idea.

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Executives (that’s CEO Ron Johnson in the picture) at JCPenney unveiled their plans for a facelift to the press, telling The Wall Street Journal that their new logo, the letters “jcp” in a blue box on top of a red square frame, is meant to evoke the American flag. The untested new sign is supposed to serve as a reminder to mall shoppers across the nation that JCPenney is a quintessentially American company, and that the store is “fair and square.”

Both of those are noble aspirations, and it’s true that tons and tons of people (this blogger included) get things from JCPenney every year. But the timing of the logo change strikes us as off. Unless the last logo (which we sort of liked) was under-performing, we probably would have kept it around.

We don’t know if we’d feel the same way about the physical overhauls, though — and if you’ve been in a JCPenney store recently, maybe you feel the same way. Women’s Wear Daily reports that the biggest change to stores will be that instead of racks on racks on racks of clothing with no delineation between brands, the sales floor will be converted into shop-in-stores that highlight brands one at a time. (If you’ve ever been to the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan, it’ll probably be something like that, only on a much smaller scale.)

On top of all that, the store promises upgrades in its private label brands like St. John’s Bay and Stafford, so to better befit their shiny new stores. A new collaboration with Martha Stewart (who will also have her own store)

The overhauls will start rolling out next month to all of JC Penney’s 1,100 stores nationwide. Get ready. Change is coming.


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