Joan Collins Disses Denim

Dynasty’s Joan Collins has a bone to pick with the jean-obsessed. In an article penned for the Daily Mail, Collins expressed her adamant distaste for jeans, sparked by the Ritz’s decision to allow guests to wear denim in their dining room.

Collins writes:

Yes, I know denim is hard-wearing and practical, but do the ladies who lunch really want to wear long-lasting utilitarian gear, teamed with chic Chanel or luxury leather on top, while showing off at the Ritz or smart restaurants such as San Lorenzo and the Wolseley? A pencil skirt and opaque tights or simple dark trousers would look infinitely more elegant.

The actress admits that when jeans first became popular in the 1950’s, she too jumped on the trend. At the time, wearing jeans was a statement. It was a mark that fashionably, you were taking risks. Those who wore jeans were straying from the conformity that defined much of women’s fashion until then. But now, Collins argues, wearing jeans does the opposite: it is the easy way out; it’s what everyone else is doing. It’s “ubiquitous” and “terribly boring.” She explains:

“Today, so many people wear jeans all the time that they no longer have any individuality from the waist down. They are just a sea of blue-legged homogeny, in different shapes and sizes…and what shapes and sizes there are.”

An interesting point of view coming from a woman who at one time had her own jeans line, Joan Collins Jeans.

High waisted, slim fit, cigarette leg — she hates them all, claiming that all they are inherently unflattering. “Fat people just look fatter,” and high-waisted styles “give the wearer the faint appearance of being strangulated.” Them’s fighting words, Ms. Collins.

While we’re the first to admit that the dwindling opportunities to dress up for an occasion leaves us with a bad taste — what happened to wearing dresses to the theater? — it’s a bit difficult for us to make an anti-jean statement. Some of the chicest, most well-dressed women fill their closets with jeans. Maybe Joan simply has not found a good pair — because, as far as we’re concerned, an elegant wardrobe without a great straight leg seems seriously unfinished.

The actress admits, despite her harsh words, that she hasn’t rid her wardrobe of denim entirely. She admits to sporting a pair of jeans when filming and on a recent dinner out with her family — except this dinner took place at McDonalds, not The Ritz.

Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail

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