This Is Literally The Coolest Underwear Ever

Strange but true: the hottest thing in underwear right now is also the coldest thing in underwear right now. Jockey is introducing a line of underthings called StayCool, made from special, sciencey material designed specifically to keep your pudenda from overheating.

Well, not specifically. The collection is made possible by a fabric called Outlast, initially developed for use by NASA astronauts. It keeps the outside surface of the skin about three degrees cooler. Three degrees doesn’t sound like a lot, but the people at Jockey say it’s often the difference between too hot and just right. We are compelled to wonder how Goldilocks feels about that.

Both men’s and women’s StayCool lines include two undershirts and two pairs of underwear, with all of the women’s garments retailing at $21 for a t-shirt or tank top, or $24 for a three-pack of briefs or bikini bottoms. (The men’s line has NFL newbie Tim Tebow as a backer, but the women’s line employs a nameless model. Does Jockey think women will go for this easier than men will?)

They sound like they’re going to be especially handy with summer coming up, and we’re tempted to buy a few pairs just to test them out. Of course, if you live in an area where it’s already heating up (we hear it’s quickly approaching the 80s in some parts of the South), you can go ahead and get yours online here. And if you do, be sure to let us know if the StayCool stuff really does keep you “just right.”

[Jockey, via Fashionista.]

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