J.Press And Urban Outfitters: Fashion’s Strangest Pairing

There’s no shortage of strange bedfellows in the fashion industry, but that didn’t stop us from scratching our heads last night when we discovered that J.Press had partnered with Urban Outfitters.

J.Press, a longtime favorite among Ivy League men and preppy guys everywhere, created trimmer, younger versions of its normal offering for Urban. The collection includes everything from slim-cut trousers and rep ties to a navy blazer with gold buttons. We’ve gotten blazers and slim-cut trousers from Urban before, those garments didn’t enjoy the same kind of pedigree as J.Press clothes do.

And while we’re sorta glad to see Urban branching out from its slouchy, rumpled downtown vibe, what has us confused is that it would partner with a brand as stodgy and, well, classic as J.Press. For the most part, Urban hasn’t done much to challenge its own aesthetic in years (unless you consider this fall’s rather tragic website redesign). Maybe Urban thinks it needs the legitimacy of an heirloom label to back up all the Filson product it’s been selling recently, and it’s not a bad idea for J.Press to try training a new generation of young guys to be loyal customers as adults, or at least to get on their radar.

Still, something about this capsule collection makes us think that both brands are just trying too hard, so maybe for us it just doesn’t seem as cool as other people will undoubtedly think it is.

But it’s worth noting that the price point is a lot lower than what you can normally get J.Press clothes for — one of its blazers can set you back as much as $895, but the Urban Outfitters version goes for a friendlier $148. Replacing a jacket’s silk lining with polyester might not make it last for years, but hey — maybe it’ll help get a few kids interested in looking really, really sharp again.

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