Here’s What You Can Buy At Justin Bieber’s Soon-To-Exist Store

Justin Bieber and his handlers the responsible, totally not greedy grown folks managing him know that pre-pubescent girls and the occasional random 30-year-old will buy damn near anything the Canadian pop sensation puts his face on. And soon, there’ll be a retail altar where they can do just that.

LA Weekly has reported that Bieber is opening up a store in LA’s Grove mall, which we understand to be a sort of outdoor smorgasbord of come-and-go celebrity retail ventures, anchored by an Abercrombie and Fitch. The store hasn’t been named yet, and scheduling problems may prevent it from opening until the end of the year, but we do know that what we’re calling Beiber Retail Outpost Experiment One will push the following items:

• Bieber-branded lollipops
• Skateboards
• Sneakers
• Toys

Word is still out on whether the Bieber fragrance, nail polish and scented dog tags, but we’re guessing that the people running this show will be smart enough to include those products, which are or are projected to sell like gangbusters.

This just in: The people running this show are known as Khaos, and they’re the same people planning to open a store for Kim Kardashian in Las Vegas. Take that to indicate what you will.

But at the end of the day, this store is a good thing. It’s yet another way for Bieber to connect with the people who idolize him in a completely genuine way that is in no way motivated by Usher‘s need to make mortgage payments. Because this is about the fans.

Justin Bieber to Open Store at The Grove In L.A.’s Fairfax District [LA Weekly]
EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber Plans To Open Up Kardashian-Like Store [Radar Online]

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