What You Need Now: Eight Keychains to Fendi-fy Your Bag

You don’t know a lot when you’re 6 years old, but that’s kind of an advantage when it comes to fearless dressing, no? Alas, Abercrombie then Alexander Wang eventually caught hold of us, and there was no going back to those blessed days when we thought nothing of attaching tiny, glittery notebooks to our Dr. Seuss backpacks.

In these hard, much more self-conscious times, it takes a gigantic effort and Karl Lagerfeld to shake us from our fashion-following stupor, which is precisely how this reawakening of our keychain appreciation came to be. If you’re willing to a) join us, and b) plop down a few Benjamins for the oversized, bushy-browed pompom that restarted it all, take a right and stop at slide four. If you’re into Matryoshka dolls and The Brothers Karamazov, a smaller Mulberry Alexa dangling from your regular Mulberry Alexa is just so meta.

Want a fanged star, punk pomander ball or teddy-bear head to lighten up your Grown-up Lady Investment Piece? We’ve got those too:

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