Kmart Sells ‘I <3 Rich Boys’ Thong For Tween Girls

In addition to telling them they’re bad at math, allergic to algebra, and incapable of doing their own homework, designers are now encouraging little girls to just marry money right from the get-go. And what better way to snag a trust fund than with an “I <3 Rich Boys" thong!

KMart in Australia recently offered for sale girls’ g-string underwear printed with the slogan “I <3 Rich Boys" (as well as the somewhat less materialistic "Call Me", "Email Me", and "I <3 Boys In Uniform").

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Thankfully, after a Twitter campaign to boycott the chain, Kmart has pulled the underwear from shelves, but that still doesn’t explain how they made it through the myriad approval processes required to get them in stores.

A Kmart spokesperson told the Sydney Morning Herald the underwear was “aimed at female youth market, not junior buyers” but brand behind the line is called GirlXpress. And while it may not have been aimed at children, with a name like that, it’s certainly not marketed to grown women.

For those who want to look on the bright side, Girl Xpress does sell a pair decorated with a pair of glasses and emblazoned with the phrase “Nerd Love”, so…

[SMH via Jezebel.]

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