Lady Gaga Ends ‘Born This Way’ Distribution Deal With Target

Lady Gaga has dissolved the deal that gave Target rights to sell an exclusive version of her new album Born This Way. And why? Because the store isn’t doing enough for the gays.

Last year Target came under fire for donating money to MN Forward, a Minnesota political organization that used the company’s money to create an ad for Tom Emmer, a gubernatorial candidate who is staunchly opposed to gay marriage. (Emmer lost the election to Democrat Mark Dayton.)

Gaga gave Target the rights to sell the deluxe version of Born This Way on the condition that it would start affiliating itself with LGBT groups and causes, like the ones she supports. She told Billboard last month the “relationship is hinged upon their reform in the company to support the gay community.” Since then, Target has amended its political giving policy to include a board of people who evaluate how sound certain donations are, but the company still doesn’t donate much money to gay rights initiatives. And for Gaga, that’s not enough.

A spokesperson foe Gaga confirmed to The Advocate that the deal was done, saying the two parties “came to a mutual decision to end their overall exclusive partnership a few weeks ago.”

All we have to say is good for Gaga. She might not have the power to make multi-billion dollar international retail operations do what she wants, but she sure can decide who gets to sell her stuff. We’re glad she’s sticking to her guns, and we wonder how long it’ll be before other artists — and candidates for those cushy Go International design collaborations — refuse to work with Target because of the kinds of politicians it supports.

Gaga Dissolves Deal With Target [The Advocate]

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