Leather Shorts: The Be All, End All Of Seasonal Dressing?

Letting go of our cold weather classics can be difficult when the weather starts turning toward the warm persuasion. Part of us secretly hates parting ways with our faithful black tights and loyal leather jackets. We feel stripped of our pieces that have become more like security blankets rather than clothing. But, with some of the popular items of the season simply being renditions of our winter wardrobe staples, you have to wonder if this is trans-seasonal styling at its finest or recession dressing still rearing its big and (questionably) ugly head. Having recently encountered a piece that pushes the boundary even further, I now am putting my sky-high platform wearing foot down and having it out with this debate once and for all.

Leather is a relatively common commodity in any fashionable closet these days. Leather jackets, skirts, and even a vest or two find homes in some of the chicest armoires. However, in trekking through the sweltering New York City heat this weekend, an awkward confrontation occurred with a relatively familiar item: the leather short. At a point in the summer where even denim bottoms seem too heavy to sport without risking the chance of extremely unattractive sweat marks, one has to wonder: Leather? Now?

Leather shorts abounded at the Spring/Summer 2010 runways thanks to Chloe paving the way a few seasons prior. Derek Lam dominated with his pristine black leather shorts, supple and casually rolled, as to say ‘yes, I’m leather, and no, I don’t care.’ Lam enforced the possibilities of leather to a clientele that perhaps may have been a bit cautious to test this material previously reserved for bikers and rockers in the past. Even Tory Burch did a take on the popular item offering tie-dye printed lambskin shorts this season. With the likes of these designers, larger retailers were sure to follow, and it wasn’t terribly long until Zara released their version of these beloved bottoms.

This is all great and grand, but still doesn’t answer the question; does leather have a time-stamp on it? Should we completely retire this faithful and reliable material for almost a whole year – or what feels like it — even if it is cut into a summertime piece? Shouldn’t we capitalize on the opportunity to wear simple dresses that we can’t possibly wear in the winter?

As trans-seasonal dressing progresses and the economy begins to perk up a little, we now have the opportunity to purchase items that will not only last, but will look ravishing no matter what the environment may dictate. We can invest and collaborate with our seasonal closets. Thanks to this funky limbo economic climate, we’re able to play around with our own personal comfort zones in how we dress for the day. So, although you may be a bit heated in your leather bottoms, I say, rock it out, have fun, and enjoy your springtime/summertime/wintertime/fall looks sisters.

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