Levi’s New Jean Measurements Are Derrière-Conscious

We called it: 2010 is the year of the butt. And since the public’s fascination over derriere poster girls Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose has no signs of subsiding, one would think clothing companies would start tailoring their measurements to both the waist and the hips.

Good news: Levi’s denim company has answered our prayers and done just that.

WWD announced Levi’s new adjusted measurements to improve the way jeans look on women of all shapes and sizes. From this season on, women’s jeans will maintain the same 22 – 34 waist sizes, but each will offer three “curve” options: slight curve, demi curve, and bold curve.

Confused? We were too, until we stumbled upon a video explaining the curve chart. With the help of Levi’s Senior Vice President of Women’s Merchandising and Design, You Nguyen, here’s a breakdown of each “curve” and what they mean:

Jeans too tight around the waist? You’re a slight curve.
The waist fits but doesn’t flatter? You’re a demi curve.
The waist tends to gap at the back? You’re a bold curve.

For research, Levi’s spoke to women of all ages across the globe on what they go through to find the perfect pair of jeans. It turns out that a startling 50 percent try on at least ten pair of jeans before settling in for a pair that is somewhat suitable to her body type. In turn, the company worked to add the “curve” measurements, and have adjusted fabric material and back pocket stitching to further compliment the curves.

We applaud Levi jeans for taking the first step in embracing a woman’s curves, regardless of her body type — though, would it kill them to expand the sizing above a 34? Baby steps, we suppose. And here’s to hoping that other denim companies take similar shape — pun absolutely intended.

[via WWD and Levi’s]

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