Liam Gallagher Launches Ladies Clothing Line

Last summer, in attempt to create the clothing he was never able to find himself, Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher launched his men’s line, Pretty Green.

Gallagher, who outwardly admitted, “I’m not Jean Paul Gaultier or anything,” chose to create a line that the masses would truly enjoy wearing – comfortable earth-toned tee-shirts, plain peacoats, and cashmere cardigans made up the majority of Pretty Green’s first collection. Well, perhaps he should have have given Mr. Gaultier a ring prior to the launch of his line. Maybe then it would not have been so drab.

In response to what Gallagher claims is a strong demand (he told UK Vogue that “a lot of girls are asking if we will be doing a range for them”), he has decided to launch Pretty Green’s women’s line.

Is Gallagher just another celebrity designer or will he be added to our list of the celebs that have done it right? We’re leaning towards the former, but no official statements have been made regarding the designs, inspirations, or general direction the line will take.

If we had to take a guess, the women’s collection will consist of comfortable, casual pieces, and we’d be shocked if there wasn’t some sort of signature t-shirt.

Overall prediction: nothing to write home about.

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