What You Need Now: 9 Ways to Invoke Lorde’s Teen Goth Vibes

When I was about 16 I tried to ‘go goth’. I would spend hours on eBay trying to find the perfect pair of Demonia 208 creepers and thought it was a brilliant idea to put rings through both sides of my lips, even though it made it really difficult to eat spaghetti or pretty much any solid food. I wanted to look like a cross between Courtney Love and Sarah from The Craft and a normal 16-year-old schoolgirl, and ended up looking like I’d fallen into the Hot Topic bargain bin.

Someone who probably won’t look back on her teenage with such a mix of amusement and embarrassment is Lorde, the 16-year-old who’s style is impossible to pin down but always has subtle undertones of sultry goth vibes. Dark lipstick, mesh tops, big hair, long skirts, chunky shoes: All the elements of a teenager’s subculture flirtations and none of the unrequited LiveJournal crushes or nervous trips to wiccan supply stores. See below for nine ways to ‘go goth’ without going sEw GoFfiCk!1!!

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