Ill-Timed Louis Vuitton Handgun Is Not Made By Louis Vuitton

One would think that PR teams for firearm manufacturers might be extra-conscientious this week following the horrific shootings in Aurora, CO. Then again, we might have said the same thing about social media managers, and that certainly does not seem to have been the case.

Yesterday we received an email from a company called Machine Guns Vegas that contained not one, not two, but three whopping PR fails in its unsubstantial body. One: cheerily hawking gun grips four days after a national tragedy caused by gun violence. Two: covering said gun grips in trademark-protected logos and expecting to get away with it. Three: Misspelling “Rihanna” (unless, of course, even the “Rhianna” they helped train for Battleship is also a knockoff). A sample of the offending text:

Like Marc Jacobs putting Sponge Bob Square Pants onto LV monogrammed bags, Machine Guns Vegas has created their own Louis Vuitton accessory – a monogrammed Louis Vuitton grip for a handgun – which is legal to carry in the State of Nevada.

Well, the gun may be legal but that grip no doubt constitutes some degree of infringement. MGV’s managing partner Genghis Cohen claims: “We have a real demand to cater to gun enthusiasts who also have a desire to look stylish, hence our foray into Louis Vuitton gun accessories.” Now, it should be obvious to most that you cannot just go and “foray” into Louis Vuitton accessories unless you indeed work for Louis Vuitton, but apparently this detail is lost on these folks. It is not, however, lost on the luxury brand, who are known to be a rather litigious bunch.

Louis Vuitton responded with the following statement:

“Louis Vuitton is in no way associated with this company. We do not manufacture gun grips and do not condone the alteration of our creations in any way.”

To which we respond: Duh.

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