Would You Buy These $2725 L’Wren Scott Boots?

Dear readers, I must preface this by telling you that I’m not much of a heel girl. I’m also not much of a boot girl. However, even I can admit that these L’Wren Scott lace-up boots are really pretty amazing. But would I buy them? No. And I’m going to tell you why.

First of all, have you ever had to justify spending $2725 on a pair of shoes? Probably not! Because that is insane! Especially for a pair that you can only wear once or twice (three times max?). But the real issue is that if I’m spending $2725 on my overly hyphenated (cut-out! over-the-knee! lace-up!) boots, I definitely won’t have enough dough leftover to hire a personal dressing assistant, which is certainly a necessity if one owns said boots.

Seriously, how could you possibly put these on by yourself? There’s probably some yoga position that can condition you to do so, but I kind of doubt it. Even with an extra hand (or five), each boot takes hours to put on (or so I assume — I’d love to be proven wrong though!). And after investing all that time and money into the boots, you are definitely not going to want to take them off, no matter how much the 4-inch heel is killing you or how much the laces are digging into your thighs.

But you know what? If the boots made me look even half as badass as the model above, I’d probably reconsider.

[via Refinery29]

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