What You Need Now: 18 Kicky Loafers for Slip-On Sophistication

Miranda Kerr’s style inspires frenzy in the hearts of fans across the globe, and after learning she was having a loafer moment has a veritable loafer infatuation, we have decided to initiate ourselves into the cult of stylish slip-ons. They also prevent things like this happening – can we get a ‘hell yeah’ for gliding into our latter years on beautiful lady feet rather than mutilated talons?

As far as a trans-seasonal wardrobe goes, loafers are the lightweight cardigans of the feet. So while our 18-strong roundup kicks off at the $26.80 mark, $340 for customized velvet Del Toros really don’t seem that bad. And if you dig a fancy accent, there’s everything from almost-utilitarian tassels to jazzy Lanvin glitter. Check out your options below.

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Dan Abrams, Founder