Mayor Bloomberg Shops At Filene’s Basement

We like to think that people who can afford expensive clothes generally buy expensive clothes — because, honestly, why wouldn’t you? Who wouldn’t want to spend their hard-earned money surrounding themselves with the best-feeling and best-fitting clothing that money can buy?

Apparently, not New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who admitted to Page Six that he gets his socks at Filene’s Basement.

Bloomberg, who’s worth a scant $20 billion, presented leadership awards to people like Diane von Furstenberg and Anna Wintour at the NYC and Company Foundation fundraiser last night. And what was he wearing when he lauded some of the world’s best-dressed people?

“I buy my suits at Martin Greenfield, my shirts from Paul Stuart and my socks at Filene’s!” he said, later adding that he’s “not a fashionista … But I support the intellectual capital it brings to the city.”

And while we thought the best way to support business was to shop, shop, shop, we’ve got to give the mayor snaps for his bespoke suits (Greenfield’s operation is entirely custom) and snazzy shirts — he wore one of them in GQ!

Still, with all that cash, we humbly suggest he buy one or two (or 30) Barbour coats as a practical Hanukkah present to himself, just to do a little stimulating for the local economy.

Bloomberg buys his socks at Filene’s Basement [Page Six]

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