Michael Kors Is Designing For Mothers Who Wear Their Daughters’ Clothes

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We can still vividly remember making Mom walk at least 30 feet in front of us on mall outings, but turns out that wasn’t the best way to convince her to buy us those silver Baby Spice platforms.

Crazy new research shows that moms are more likely to spend money on their daughters when the daughters act like they actually want to spend time with her, which sounds pretty obvious to those of us out of junior high. But this logic no longer applies only to the obnoxious tween set. Apparently mother-daughter shopping trips between boomer parents and their 20-something offspring are more popular than ever before, as more and more moms seek not only to befriend their daughters, but to steal their jeans.

Michael Kors is just one designer using the expression, “Out in her daughter’s clothes” to pump cash back into his yachting budget and thigh-skimming skirts into Mom’s wardrobe. Kors is targeting both generations by featuring both cashmere sweaters and studded cross-body bags in the same store. He’s found the golden price tag to sit around the $125 mark: a big spend for the daughter and a “fun purchase” for her mom.

“I know mothers and daughters who fight over clothes in a way that only sisters used to,” Kors explained to Business of Fashion.

Candace Corlett, president of New York consulting firm WSL Strategic Retail, puts the new trend down to the increasing number of women between 18 and 30 living at home. Women who live together, shop together. She adds, “Fashion rules for older women have relaxed. In decades past, moms didn’t wear miniskirts, cropped tees, or even pants.”

Do with this information what you will. We take no responsibility for your new zebra-print Michael Kors skinnies getting “lost in the wash.”

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