STUDY: Skirts Get Shorter As Temperatures Get Colder

File this under things that don’t make sense: The colder it gets in Britain, the shorter some women’s skirts get.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Daily Mail reports that when the mercury dips in the northern reaches of the United Kingdom, women don’t just haul out short skirts, they haul out miniskirts. From the paper:

Researchers have found that like temperatures which have plunged to -17 C (about 1 F), mini skirts in the area are the shortest in the country … Northern lasses wear skirts that are on average 17 cm (about 7 in) shorter than girls in the south.

We are, of course, compelled to wonder what these women wear in the summer. But we digress. The “researchers” cited work for Debenhams, a British chain of department stores, which we can only suppose wanted to know what length of skirts would sell the best. So their crack team ran up and down the British island with a handful of rulers and found that not only are women up North wearing shorter skirts, they’re buying them like hotcakes. Women in the South seem to be a little more concerned about the threat of pneumonia, though.

Figures revealed that sales of mini skirts at a store in Newcastle rose a staggering 28 per cent.
And sales of short skirts in Glasgow also increased by 21 per cent and in Sheffield 19 per cent.
But a similar pattern of covering up continued in the South where stores reported more sales of hats, gloves and scarves. And in London sales of thermal underwear at the Oxford Street store were up by 71 per cent.

Staggering. The story doesn’t quote any of the women who are buying these skirts, so we don’t really get an inside view of what they’re thinking when they make these purchases. You know how we just abhor baseless speculation, but there are probably a few things going on here. 1) Scottish women all have really long coats, 2) The cold, dark northern winters make staying at home depressing, so people party, or 3) People are crazy.

Either way, mini skirts must be a really hot (like, literally hot) trend if women can bare their gams and survive in the freezing cold.

They’re tough up North: Women really DO wear shorter skirts than those in the South even though it’s freezing [The Daily Mail]
Study explains why women in the north wear shorter skirts than women in warmer climates. As if anyone cares why [Fark]

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