Study Shows Shoppers Spend More At ‘Trendy’ Stores

Brooks Brothers‘ brand of classic American clothing is expensive. Likewise, so are the ultra-cool things for sale at Opening Ceremony. But our friends at Fashionista recently discovered that people who shop at the newer, hipper store spend more there than people who buy preppy staples at Brooks.

According to Mint Data, an online financial service that tracks its members spending habits, the average person who goes to Opening Ceremony drops $243.75. At Brooks Brothers, an everyday trip is worth $180.93.

Mint’s users probably can’t be called a reliable simple random sample, so the statistical relevance of the data is kinda shaky. Still, it’s interesting, and there are probably a few reasons why people are willing to part ways with more at the trendier store.

The first and most likely? Because it’s just cooler. And don’t get us wrong — Brooks Brothers is plenty cool and will always occupy a special place in our hearts and in our wardrobes. But the things you can find at OC set trends instead of traveling along with the success of what’s currently in vogue.

Also, Brooks Brothers probably has a wider variety of shoppers, from people like our dad, who will pick up a really great broadcloth shirt from the store on occasion, to people like Colby Hall, managing editor of our sister site Mediaite, who wears Brooks Brothers almost exclusively and looks damn good doing it.

Then, too, Opening Ceremony’s stuff is just more expensive. While a men’s double collar dress shirt from OC’s private label will run you $310, you can get two of Brooks Brothers Luxury dress shirts for $199.

But don’t worry — Brooks Brothers clearly isn’t hurting too badly. Mint Data ranks the New York store as the 35th most popular clothing store in the city, while Opening Ceremony comes in at 117th.

Want to figure out where your favorite store is ranked? Check out Mint Data and find out what people in your neighborhood are spending.

[Via Fashionista]

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