5 Reasons Why The Missoni For Target Mess Is The Worst

Missoni for Target. Heard of it? We kid! Of course you have! Because if the internet has told us anything this past week, it’s that it is The Most Important Collaboration Of Our Time.

No, I’m not trying to shame your Missoni for Target obsession, America. I share your obsession! To be fair, my obsession lies with Target collabs in general. I have the best pieces from Rodarte, Thakoon, Zac Posen, and more thanks to Target. I intended to add Missoni to my closet, thankyouverymuch. I picked out a few things from the lookbook the day before the collection was to debut, and assumed an 8 a.m. online shopping trip would be perfect. I was wrong! But after hours of refreshing the down-and-out Target website, I managed to get all of the things I wanted: two scarves and two tops (each in two sizes since I couldn’t gauge the fit online).

My experience was annoying, if fairly painless. One scarf is en route to my apartment as we speak, the tops should be arriving in a couple of weeks, and the other scarf in a month. My credit card is being charged as items ship, though I also didn’t spend very much to begin with. Other people were not so lucky! AT ALL. Stores were pillaged, the site crashed, and even those who managed to purchase things online still run the risk of Target not being able to fulfill their orders.

Allow us to round up the top five most offensive bits of info regarding this whole mess:

1. Lots and lots of shoppers got completely and utterly screwed. Racked has been keeping tabs on the retail horror stories, which we thoroughly appreciate. You should probably read about the woman who was charged $1000 even though Target won’t fill her order.

2. People who actually got their hands on the goods look like jerks! There is photographic evidence!

3. People who actually got their hands on the goods are jerks! The eBay markups are obscene — some asking prices are 100 (yes, 100!) times the original retail prices.

4. Celebrities are jerks, too! Those who can afford real Missoni are hogging all the Target stuff. According to Page Six:

When Margherita Missoni’s line went on sale last week at Target, it crashed their Web site. But there was one place that had plenty to go around: Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Night Before Emmy Party at The Lawn in LA’s Century City. Stars such as Claire Danes, Jon Hamm and Sofia Vergara were offered armfuls of Missoni goods. It’s good to be a celebrity — the rest of us will have to wait until the next shipment.

5. Target is the jerkiest! They have bungled this ordeal so badly that we’re even getting an error message when we try to access its press release regarding this whole thing.

Are you pissed? You should be! Tell us all about it in the comments!

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