We Need To Talk About Missoni’s Collection Of Housewares For Target

You guys, we have a confession to make, and you may not be entirely happy about it. So sit down, brace yourselves, and get read to come to grips with something we’ve needed to get off our chests for a while now.

OK, here it is: We’re a lot (and we mean a lot) more excited about the housewares in the Missoni for Target collection than we are about the clothes. And we’re not sorry about that. It’s not like the clothes are bad or anything — we’d actually kill for those ties, the men’s cardigan, and a few of the scarves and sweaters in the collection if that were necessary, but it’s the plates and cups and pillows and things that we’re the most excited about.

Because yesterday, when Target posted photos of the entire 400-piece Missoni collection on its Facebook page, we found ourselves ogling the pillows and vases and picture frames more heavily than the various multicolored stripey shoes and sweaters. And seriously, look at the martini shaker and tell us that’s not something you have to have in your kitchen.

Aw man. We’d advise the people at our local Target to stay out of our way when the collection drops on Sept. 13. Because we’re going directly for the things in the photos below.


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Dan Abrams, Founder