Who Will The New Hermes Bag Be Named After?

Our friends over at The Gloss just got word that Hermes is planning on creating a new signature bag, one that is said to “rival the Birkin.” Little is known about the mysterious bag in question, other than it’s all black — exterior and hardware alike, which we think sounds pretty fierce.

For those not in the know, Hermes’ Birkin bag was named after Jane Birkin in 1984 after the then president of Hermes, Jean-Louis Dumas, spotted the stunning actress struggling with her luggage on a plane. Half of the Birkin’s je n’est sais quoi comes from Ms. Birkin’s name. So who, if anyone, we wonder, will hold the honor of having Hermes’ next it bag named for them? We have a few ideas.

Possibility 1: Lady Gaga
Gaga is probably the only person alive able to alter a Birkin bag without committing a serious crime against fashion. If the brand were trying to move towards an edgier aesthetic, Gaga would be the obvious choice.

Possibility 2: Katie Holmes
There will never be another Jane Birkin, but Katie Holmes’ cropped do and chic wardrobe, paired with her extensive Hermes bag collection, make her (and maybe even fashionista daughter Suri) a good candidate.

Possibility 3: Carla Bruni
A French made bag may best be named after a French beauty. As the prime minister’s wife, and a model, Bruni would suit both an ad campaign and product perfectly.

Possibility 4: Queen Rania of Jordan
She’s stunning, she’s smart, she’s powerful, and she’s always perfectly accessorized. Queen Rania of Jordan, simply based on her Hermes-esque style, could be just the woman to fill the job.

Possibility 5 (and our personal favorite): Carine Roitfeld
As one of the most important people in the fashion industry, the French Vogue editor in chief is an obvious choice for the bag’s name. She’s the epitome of a taste maker and exudes French-classiness.

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