Nicole Miller’s New Website Already Looks Old

Nicole Miller launched a new website today in the hopes of making her Internet identity a little more shiny and enjoyable. The designer told WWD that the world’s rapidly changing technology inspired her to do a complete overhaul.

“Technology is advancing at such a rate…you constantly have to update, and you can’t just take a Band-Aid approach. We wanted to do a major overhaul, so it’s radically different.”

And while the site may be radically different from the old, it’s not dissimilar to the online presence of other fashion brands. The design is meant to look more “editorial,” more like a magazine. It uses mock Polaroids to give shoppers an inside look at the designer’s life and ideas — not totally unlike the “Tory’s Must Haves” section of The homepage — which features links to products, Nicole Miller in the press and the label’s Twitter and Facebook pages — looks like a slimmed-down version of Diane Von Furstenburg’s “Inside DVF” page.

We can’t discount that there are some great new features — notably the pop-up shopping cart and the user-submitted content (which we’re going to tell ourselves is an homage to Style Sheets). The design is great, but let’s call this what it is: a distillation of the best practices of other brands’ websites designed to make the e-commerce end user feel a little bit better about spending their hard-earned money on a brand that is still more or less associated with prom dresses.

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Dan Abrams, Founder