Nicole Richie Sues LA’s Kitson Boutique For $240,000

LA’s favorite celebutante boutique Kitson has been sued by none other than LA’s favorite celebutante Nicole Richie, and now they’re firing back with their own allegations. Majestic Mills, the company that distributes Richie’s Winter Kate label, alleges Kitson owes them $239,437 for the Winter Kate merchandise they bought earlier this year.

Kitson claims this isn’t a case of them not paying up — they say Richie didn’t hold up her end of the deal. They told Too Fab that not only did Majestic Mills fail to organize a launch event at their boutique, they also failed to deliver on the promise of a personal appearance by Richie. Oh, and Kitson maintains that the shipments were late and full of “inferior goods.” Ouch.

In addition, they say they’ve been trying to return the unsold merch to Majestic Mills for a few months now. When Kitson told them they were going to donate the items to a women’s shelter, Majestic Mills balked, claiming that would sully the brand.

Kitson’s allegations will certainly do little to garner Richie and co. sympathy, but the real problem is that Majestic Mills seems to have little legal ammunition. According to the boutique: “The goods were on guaranteed sales, so we could always send back what we could not sell.” Coming off the heels of that nasty little Daily Telegraph interview, it looks like Richie just can’t get any good press these days.

[via Refinery29.]

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