Can You Spot The Grammar Error In These T-Shirts?

To celebrate the beginning of college football season, the people at Old Navy have created a series of team t-shirts for women. And their awesomeness is entirely eclipsed by the fact that each and every one of them is grammatically incorrect.

The New York Daily News spotted the multiple crimes of punctuation, pointing out that the shirts that should say “Let’s Go [Insert Team Name Here]!” all say “Lets Go !! [Insert Team Name Here].” Apparently whoever designed the shirts missed the day of second grade where his or her teacher explained the difference between the first person singular and, you know, regular old contractions. Also, the two exclamation point thing is super annoying.

Even more annoying? None of the teams Styleite roots for (Gamecocks, Lions, Quakers) got their own shirts. Although if they had, it stands to reason that those would have been grammatically incorrect, too, and we can’t have that.

Take a look at a few of the shirts below and tell us if you’d pay $25 to support bad grammar.


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