Virtual Insanity! Study Finds The Web Makes Everything Cheaper

As someone who loves to shop but, per my accountant’s advice , is trying to be slightly more mindful of my expenses — apparently one cannot retire in a handbag — I’ve been slightly more appreciative of financial soundbites lately. And truth be told, I’ve always been kind of curious as to whether or not I could save a few pennies by opting to buy online versus hoofing it to my favorite brick and mortar outposts. Enter the Daily Mail, who took a myth-busters approach to e-commerce and found that the web is cheaper for virtually everything.

Maybe this is a duh moment for some of you e-commerce veterans but according to their research you can sometimes save as much as 70% by shopping online. The less-than-scientific piece does qualify that the internet is slightly less competitive when it comes to clothing but on the plus side, it does allow you the opportunity to instantly compare prices for an item and often get a full refund on returns.

Moreover, I’m quickly learning to love those oh-so-lovely e-coupons. If once reserved for the frozen foods section of the supermarket, they’re everywhere on the web and can really help save a bundle at checkout. The best part:  no judgement-filled leers from the girl at the cash wrap when you ask for your 20% discount.

Moral of the story: Buying online makes more cents.

Via Daily Mail


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