Most Wanted? Get Your Kicks With Osama Sneakers

Getting through an airport is never an easy task. But we’d like to see you try to get all the way to your gate wearing a pair of these so-radical-they’re-rad Bin Laden sneakers. Subtle, they most certainly are not. But then again, if you’re looking for a full body frisk down and possibly a brief stay in prison, we think these terrorist togs might just be the ticket.

Apparently the fundamentalist fashion statement comes care of China and — here’s the kicker — they feature a portrait of our nation’s number one enemy. Lovely, right? But with high-tops making the transition from the hard court to the high-end, at least these sneaks are on trend. Albeit from a sartorial standpoint, they’re not quite as covetable as Jimmy Choo’s $300 kicks, but they’re definitely on a certain most wanted list.

[via TrendHunter]

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