Is QVC Reselling Used Beauty Products?

One of the first beauty lessons my mother ever taught me was to be careful what beauty products you share, and more importantly, make sure your mascara hasn’t been open before you buy it. “You’re just asking for pink eye if you don’t check the seal,” she warned.

A few days ago, an angry QVC customer posted a complaint on the company’s website that would turn my mother’s stomach sour. Someone at QVC, the commenter claims, doesn’t care much for seals or for the fact that customers might not want to purchase a pre-used product. Kimberleigh64 wrote on April 22nd:

Just a warning before you go buying any beauty products from qvc! You may get one that was already used! Watch your perricone kits! They may send you the one I sent back LOL

We may have left out that “LOL.” There’s not a whole lot of laughing out loud when it comes to reselling beauty products. Needless to say, the community forum that the complaint was originally posted on has sparked quite a vivacious commenting chain. And the verdict is unclear as to what QVC shoppers feel about the matter. About half of the commenters believe the reselling of brushes and other beauty products is a simple mistake that does not reflect the usual customer service the company offers its customers.

Others, however, claim that this is not the first time QVC has been accused of reselling products. StyleList found the following comment posted by user eyeluvbe:

“About a year and a half ago, this was happening very frequently on here. They were sending out returns, especially if someone waitlisted something. Not saying this was a condoned practice, but it was happening. Some people were getting face creams with finger marks in them and hairs in the cream and there were tons of posts on the boards about it. So a lot of us on the boards decided to start emptying the containers and marking a big black ‘x’ on the jars when they were sent back so that people processing the returns wouldn’t re-send them to others. Yuck.”

Soon after, however, eyeluvbe, recanted her comment claiming:

Mistakes happen. I know for a fact they don’t resell used cosmetics ( against the law). Just like Dennis Quad’s twins getting to much insulin. His twins almost died and it was do to the way the insulin was packaged with the dose written as an adult dose. (life threatening). Yes, the nurse should be accountable but dennis sued the manufacturer because the recall didn’t consist of the insulin already in the hospitals ( hospitals contined to use this product). The moral of the story is NOBODY IS PERFECT and neither are you. Thank god you didn’t die and I’m sure the Q took care of the mistake. Sometimes people need to look at things different so it puts their problem in perspective.

The fact that that comment doesn’t really make any sense notwithstanding, something is fishy here. Did QVC resell returned (also known as used) beauty products, or was the commenter just making up a story? If eyeluvbe was simply trying to cause a stir, he or she certainly did. But until this matter is cleared up, we recommend you double check your seals before using any QVC beauty products.

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