What You Need Now: 11 Rain Shoes To Traverse The Seasons In Style

When Barbie sang, “Life in plastic, it’s fantastic,” she was totally talking about how great it feels to be the only person walking down Broadway in rainproof boots, right? Not that her freakish arches would know the blissful comfort of a pair of Hunters, but we’re sure she could have found someone to custom up some fancier rainy day footwear.

We, on the other hand, don’t have designers on speed dial, and even the ones prepared to drop everything would never be able to keep up with the schizophrenic East Coast weather. More sensible is having a perfectly plastic-y pair of shoes that let you traverse the seasons while keeping your feet dry. See below for 11 styles screaming out for a rain dance. Oh, and no Hunters included.

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Dan Abrams, Founder