World’s Most Offensive Shirt Company Makes Fun Of Rape, Murder, And Domestic Abuse

Would Anyone Actually Buy A T-Shirt That Made Fun Of Rape?

Would Anyone Actually Buy A T-Shirt That Made Fun Of Rape?

Generally if there’s a product on sale, that means there must be some kind of a market for it, right? OK, so let us ask you this: who would actually buy a t-shirt that says “Calm down dear. Let’s not turn this rape into a murder!”?

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That’s the question we’re asking ourselves right now, because we’re looking at such a shirt from a British company called Jamrags, a purveyor of what it calls “cotton for cunts.” The company also makes shirts proclaiming that “Feminists are big, fat, hairy dykes!” and “I’m not racist. Racism is a crime and crime is for black people!”

The company’s operators are clearly trying to get a rise out of people, even if they don’t have time for the ones who take umbrage to shirts that say things like “I beat cancer (by cancer I mean my wife).” One of the first messages on the Jamrags homepage says “If you are offended by our t-shirts, please f*ck off!” Relatedly (or … not?), you also get a free tampon with every order. We’re still trying to suss out exactly what that means, but we have some promising leads.

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We’re not surprised that there’s a company out there that makes shirts like this, given that at some other British retailers you can buy baby onesies that say “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” What we are surprised about is the fact that there are people out there who think it’s OK to wear these shirts in public. We’d like to know who these people are and who told them that sexual assault is a joke you should spend your hard earned money on and laugh about. Because if those people didn’t exist, this company wouldn’t, either.

[Jamrag via Jezebel]

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