Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez (Manny!) Has A Clothing Line

A recent episode of Modern Family had dandy-in-training Manny Delgado searching for the perfect teal pocket square to wear to the school dance. Like his lovable character, actor Rico Rodriguez also has a passion for fashion. As such, the 12-year-old has started his very own clothing line.

The unfortunately named RAR It Fitz Fashionz is the creation of Rico and his sister Raini. But don’t expect RAR to sell sharp suits or fedoras — Rico’s real life taste is much more tween-friendly (read: tees, hoodies and beanies). You can check out the goods on their website, though you can get a feel for the collection from our slideshow below.

The whole operation is pretty adorable, in a kids-running-a-lemonade-stand kind of way (they even use Comic Sans!). Would you buy anything from RAR?

[via Racked]

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