This Will Exist: Robert Pattinson Underwear

Robert Pattinson‘s face and name is on just about everything these days — books, DVD covers, magazines, even french fry containers. So, really, it was only a matter of time before someone named a line of men’s underwear after him.

The Guardian reports that British department store Marks and Spencer intends to deliver on that inevitability with its new R-Pants underwear (the name, for the uninitiated, is a clever take on Pattinson’s nickname R-Patz), which is designed to fit underneath skinny-tailored jeans and trousers. The line is set to debut in September.

And while we support rampant capitalism and milking this franchise for all its worth, we have to ask — was this really worth the licensing? Are guys who are avid fans of skinny jeans really going to purchase these underpants, or will they be marketed to girls who will frame them and put them up on their walls?

It’s too early to tell. But what is certain is that Robert Pattinson’s name can make you money no matter where you stick it.

[The Guardian via Coco Perez]

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