Sears Sells A ‘Hung Like Daddy’ T-Shirt For Toddlers

If you can find it in yourself to muster up even the smallest shred of indignation after this week of outrage and insult and horribly offensive store names, then muster it! Because this one is a doozy.

Sears, that last bastion of retail family values, apparently has a whole host of inappropriate slogan tees and onesies in their “toddler” section. They range from the idiotically violent (“Don’t Make Me Kick You In The Fallopian Tubes”) to the downright misogynistic (“Nice Girls Don’t Pepper Spray”). But perhaps the creepiest of the bunch is a “toddler shirt for boys” which reads: “Hung Like Daddy”.

Why anyone would want to compare their infant son’s genitalia to that of a full grown man is beyond us — but so is how anyone could have made these t-shirts in the first place.

The New York Daily News was the first to spot the absurd merchandise earlier today, and Sears responded by immediately removing the merchandise highlighted in their article. But a little follow-up digging by Fashionista unearthed the above as well as a onesie which reads, “Pretty Like Mommy”. And as of now, those ones are still up.

But hey, at least it doesn’t come with a matching thong.

[Fashionista, NYDN.]

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