American Family Association Accuses Sears Of ‘Selling Smut’

It’s no secret that we love ourselves an NSFW tag at Styleite. From naked — albeit decidedly artful — photos of Kate Moss to Lea T’s arresting portrait in this month’s French Vogue, there’s no shortage of nudity on our site. But that’s fashion. (And if there’s one thing the fashion industry loves, it’s nipple.) But not everyone is a fan of bared anatomy parts, like the American Family Association, for example, who yesterday accused retail giant Sears of “selling smut.”

According to the AFA, Sears is selling “giant posters of total nud**y” on their website. And the AFA would like to point out that these aren’t just sexy posters, these are seriously offensive posters, with actual lesbians in them! Sometimes there’s more than one person, there’s a whole “group of people” — all of whom are engaged in “***ual activity.” (That’s sexual, for those of you who can’t read asterisks.) And the AFA is very upset. So upset that after trying “more than a half-dozen times to reach out to Sears quietly and professionally,” they’ve launched a campaign against the store.

Technology allows Sears to remove and stop selling these posters within minutes, so why won’t they? … Take Action… Unless Sears hears from you, they will continue to sell offensive posters. Please take a moment to email Sears’ public relations director Larry Costello. We have left voice mails on Mr. Costello’s cell phone numerous times. He has refused to return them.

These posters, which are so NSFW as to require the censoring of the word “nudity”, can be found in Sears’ home section, under Wall Decor – Art. They can also be found on the AFA website, after no less than three warning pages and the caveat that “they have been edited to block some nudity.” These are the posters:

Yeah, some of those posters are on the racy side — the one where the lady is more or less spread-eagled in her pink undies, in particular — but they’re not porn. And call us crazy, but we’re pretty sure that one in the middle of the bottom row is a fine example of some Renaissance art. Or at least its trying to be.

But enough with the snark — everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But here’s the question: does Sears actually have any obligation to take these posters down? We don’t think so, but they would do well to add an NSFW warning to a few of them. (Because that makes nudity a-okay, right? Right?!) We are curious to see how the retailer handles it — the AFA isn’t known for letting go once they’ve got their teeth something and Sears is nothing if not a family brand. So, um, good luck, Sears. We wish you and all the naked lady posters in the world well.

PS. Maybe someone should let the AFA know about Taylor Momsen

[via Fark.]

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