Chic In The Chain: Styleite Takes On Sears

This is the second installment of our Chic in the Chain series, in which we bring to you our favorite items from America’s biggest stores.

There’s something about sunny skies and warm weather that seems perfectly suited for a shop like Sears — what with it’s extensive Dad-friendly selection of patio furniture, lawn care equipment and Weber grills. Sartorially speaking however, I’ve always found the blue-collar emporium to be lacking — nothing against coveralls, they just aren’t my thing.

But being tragically distractable, I found myself wandering whilst on the hunt for a new juicer and — wouldn’t you know it? — I landed smack dab in the women’s department. Funny how that always seems to happen. But after taking stock of my whereabouts and doing a little digging, turns out Sears had a few retail rewards for my attention deficit disorder.

Converted to regular customer, probably not. But definitely some wares worth a perusal, if only for the bragging rights. Because while that lace top and heels might set you back a few bucks, the look of disbelief on your friend’s faces when you produce the receipt (read: hard evidence!)…priceless.

Images clockwise from left; Levis Denim Trucker Jacket, $60, Exchange by Charles David Cookie Heels, $19, New Look Belted Trench, $19, Buxton Heiress Cigarette Case, $10, Joe Boxer Lounge Crop Tee, $7.

Disclosure: Gift card provided by Sears.

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