Coming Soon: The World’s First Luxury Shopping Drive-Thru!

First Net-A-Porter makes it easy as pie to have four-figure dresses delivered to your doorstep with a few clicks of the mouse, and now, one high-end department store is taking an unlikely page out of McDonalds’ book and letting you (or your driver) pull up to their window and pick up your purchases — no parking required!

Selfridges, London’s tony destination for everything from Givenchy handbags to DVF dresses, is planning what it bills as the “world’s first drive-thru shopping service.” The Evening Standard reports that customers will be able to pull up to a reception area behind the Oxford Street retail behemoth and purchases they’ve made online at will be brought to their car by the department store’s staff.

The drive-thru, which is set to be up and running by January 2014, is just part of the store’s massive online push. They’ve also instituted “click and collect”, allowing online shoppers to pick up their purchases in store and a text message feature that ensures customers are home when their haul is delivered. How handy is that?

But while the latter service sounds like the kind of thing we wish we could get in NYC, we’re getting anxiety just thinking about the lineup of yellow cabs and black town cars that would bear down on Madison Avenue if Barneys tried to pull off the drive-thru idea. Plus, home delivery is kind of New York’s thing. London, this one’s all yours!

[The Evening Standard]

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