Calvins, Crop Tops & Jelly Sandals: 17 Awesomely ’90s eBay Finds

’90s fever is in the air, and the Styleite office has been infected hard. Our response to Rachel Bilson’s 90210 To Do List costumes was similar to how we react to baby animals, and ease of going to the bathroom isn’t really even a factor when it comes to our collective “all one-piece everything” resolutions.

And we’re not alone. Christy Turlington’s skin cells are convinced it’s still 1992, and eBay reports sales of ‘90s garb to be through the roof. From Heidi Ware, Head of Fashion Editorial and Creative for the online behemoth:

“With so many transactions coming in from around the world, eBay acts as a barometer of the global cultural zeitgeist, tracking what shoppers are coveting and what’s trending at any given time. eBay has definitely seen an increase for the ‘90s trend over the past two years in everything from acid wash jeans and crop tops, to accessories like jelly shoes and scrunchies and even video game consoles. The decade was front-loaded with lots of edgy silhouettes, bright accents, and zany looks, all of which are feeling fresh again.”

Don’t worry, though: eBay is a bottomless digital treasure trove of perfectly faded Calvins and nostalgia-infused accessories from awkward fashion’s glory days. Click through the gallery below to see 17 of the most awesomely ‘90s things you can lay claim to right this second.

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