In Which We Bid A Fond Farewell To Silly Bandz

Future economists, heed this lesson of supply and demand: Silly Bandz, which were the king of trends just a few months ago, are now seriously and totally out. And it’s all because the market has been overloaded with them since they started getting absurdly popular.

USA Today reports that retailers from major gas station chains to independent toy stores all over the country look on the bands as eyesores instead of the beacons of hope they once were. BCP Imports, the company that makes the bracelets, did $200 million in business this year. Silly Bandz were even named one of America’s Hottest Brands by Advertising Age. Now? People can’t seem to get the things out of their stores.

After selling 4,000 packs of bands in May, Doodlehopper 4 Kids stores in Northern Virginia sold 250 last month — even though the chain was selling them 2-for-1. “I don’t want to see another Silly Bandz,” owner Terry Young says.

Ouch. Considering how hot they were with everyone from your mom to Katy Perry, it’s kind of a major loss. It’d would have been foolish to think that the strips of silicone would be as enduring an accessory as the Birkin, but we certainly didn’t think the things would be phased out in just a few short months.

Still, if we didn’t see this coming, BCP Imports did. They’ve expanded their business to include a silicone wrist strap in that allows you to wear the iPod Nano you begged for as a Christmas present like a watch, and it’s even doing Justin Bieberthemed packs of bracelets. And if that kid can’t save the brand, nothing will.

Silly Bandz fad fades in a matter of months [USA Today]

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