Russell And Kimora Simmons Host ‘Phat-est’ Yard Sale Ever

Calling all wealthy shoppers: former couple and designers Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons are hosting an “everything-must-go” sale of all items from their former New Jersey estate — and no, it’s not cheap.

The sale, which according to the New York Post started yesterday and ends tomorrow at 8PM, compiles an impressive list of items one would never find at a neighbor’s yard sale. Standard-priced finds are costing shoppers a couple of thousand dollars — but hey, this is the sale of an ex-mogul couple we’re talking about.

In the home decor department, $12,000 can get you their pool table or a Persian rug. If that’s too steep for your already big budget, you can purchase the two couches that were formally owned by the late Gianni Versace for $7,500 each.

One “frugal” shopper, who bought a pair of $20 doggie beds and a skeleton statue, said of the event, “I have never seen anything like this.”

However, the real attention-grabbers of the sale are, of course, the priciest items. A $200,000 bed, also once owned by Versace, tops the price list, with a $100,000 acrylic painting called “The Dinner Quilt” by Faith Ringgold coming in at a close second.

The former place of residence is the famous backdrop of Kimora’s Style Network show “Life in the Fab Lane” and was featured on “MTV Cribs.” And apparently the Baby Phat designer was present at the sale with her camera crew in tow, filming the event for an episode of her show that a source said will air in November.

If you plan on going to the event with little to no intentions of purchasing, there is a disclaimer. According to the New York Post, signs are posted throughout the house warning visitors, “If you break it, you bought it” — so fiddling around with some precious china may not be the best idea.

But while this whole sale seems extravagant to the max, Yahoo! reports that there is a bargain bin. Mugs once sipped by the Simmons are a steal at $3 each, but with that price tag they’re all probably gone by now.

[via New York Post and Yahoo!]

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