Why Are People Buying ‘Skinny Jeans’ For Their Babies?

Gone are the days of dressing up toddlers to resemble an American Girl doll. In its place, mothers are vicariously test driving the hot adult trends of today by putting them on their own little tykes. The next big trend to circulate community playgrounds nationwide since the debut of denim diapers: tapered jeans for toddlers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, trend-setting toddlers who barely know their ABCs have been seen sporting this season’s hottest trend and an increasing number of mothers are flocking to famous retail stores to stock up on toddler-sized skinny jeans.

Gap, one of the stores most on top of the adult-clothes-for-kids trends now sells skinny jeans in sizes as small as zero for three-month-olds. A shocking 40% of their jean inventory is dedicated entirely to infant and toddler girls.

Prices range from $19.50 to $39.50, and the design and fit of the skinny jeans are strikingly familiar to the adult line. The exceptions are a different “whisker wash,” due to stricter safety regulations hindering usage of certain stones and chemical compounds, a loose top-half to make room for a baby’s diaper, and widdle snap buttons.

In addition to the fact that babies tend to prefer “function” over “fashion,” potential development concerns from dressing up a baby in this body-hugging attire are apparent. Take, for example, these comments from 29-year-old mother and purchaser of skinny jeans Christina Lane: “Babies and toddlers have big bellies, and skinny jeans are not for people with big bellies. But they still work.” No toddler should be subjected to the idea that they have “a belly.”

Let’s not forget the fact that children grow out of their clothes faster than the seasons change. Clearly the parents buying said jeans are cashing in on this purely for the thrill of it. And it’s not just skinny jeans. Adult-to-toddler crossovers also include motorcycle jackets, ankle boots, and the ever-present jeggings trend. Well, they always did say mothers know best, right?

[image via Wall Street Journal]

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