Snooki And Her Bags: A Lesson In Luxury Branding

Snooki already garners the most press of her Guido and Guidette compatriots, and now she’s found herself in the middle of a luxury brand turf war currently being waged by Coach and Gucci — and brought to light by the inimitable Simon Doonan.

In an example that falls nicely in line with our thoughts on Coach, Snooki longtime brand association was with the interlocking Cs of the ever-ubiquitous Coach bag — until recently. As Doonan notes in this week’s Observer column:

[T]he winds of change started blowing on Jersey Shore. Every photograph of Guido-huntin’ Snooki showed her toting a new designer purse. Why the sudden disloyalty? Was she trading up? Was she vomiting into her purses and then randomly replacing them? The answer is much more intriguing.

And indeed it is. It turns out that Snooki hasn’t forsaken Coach of her own accord — that would be giving her far too much credit — but is instead the victim of an anti-branding campaign in which luxury houses are gifting her their competitors’ bags. Doonan alleges, according to his sources, that Coach began by sending her a Gucci bag, but where will things go from here?

Will Gucci send her a truckload of Goyard? Will Goyard then deluge her with Valextra? (If Snookie starts carrying a Valextra bag, it is inevitable that she will malaprop the name into “Valtrex,” the herpes medication. This will doubtless accelerate the inevitable preemptive strike by Casa Valextra.)

Snooki’s meteoric and lucrative ascent means that she will soon be able to sidestep the whole issue and buy her own Birkin, thereby precipitating a mass Jonestown suicide over at Maison Hermes. (Warning! “Hermes” can easily be Snooki-spoke into “Herpes.) Or will they just go to the next level and send her a super-exclusive Belgian Delvaux bag? (Launching in the U.S. at Barneys this fall, Delvaux Since 1829 is arguably the most elitist brand in the world.)

We don’t know — but if you’ve ever wondered what lengths luxury houses will go to to protect their brands, well, now you know: all the way down to the Jersey Shore.


How Snooki Got Her Gucci: The Dirt on Purses [The Observer]

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