What You Need Now: 16 Sumptuous Robes for Holiday Leisure

glamorous robes

The thing about getting dressed during the holidays is that you want to spruce it up, yet the weather makes you want to resort back to those jersey cloth sweats you promised yourself you’d never wear again. Take Christmas morning, for example. It’s one of the most delightfully lazy times of the year, and while it’s tempting to just roll out of bed, your unprepossessing PJ’s will live on forever in future family photo albums. Don’t have regrets, wear a luxe robe (ie. not one made of terrycloth).

It’s virtually the only garment you can cozily slip on and look blithely chic in while marathon-watching Christmas movies and binging on leftovers. This has been tried and tested, of course, so shop these 16 styles to evade a compromising leisurely look while decking the halls.

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