Blame It On Suri: Parents Spend Too Much On Kid’s Clothes

I’ll admit it. I have googled Suri Cruise many a time to see what that little fashionista-in-training is wearing. Heels, Ferragamo purses, headbands that would make Blaire Waldorf cringe with jealousy: the girl knows how to dress — and according to a new study done by British department store Debenhams, parents are picking up on Suri’s expensive taste.

The Daily Mail reports that the study showed British parents spending more than £700 a year (equal to about $1,016.53 American dollars), making sure their kids are fashionable. 1500 parents were surveyed and claimed to spend an average of £357 (Around $531) per season for each child, and if that child is a little girl, the amount spent is an additional one hundred dollars.

Why the sudden kid’s clothes splurge? The study blames it on Suri, claiming that celebrity children, as well as the availability of designer clothing for children, are inciting the purchasing of such clothes. So is Suri the solution to our economic problems? Could she inspire shoppers to get back in the stores and start spending money? Maybe Anna should get her to do a Fashion Night Out appearance at Ferragamo.

Kate Liszka, who heads the children’s department at Debenhams told the Daily Mail:

‘Brits are famed for a competitive neighbourly streak. Now it seems that where our kids are concerned, we’re keeping up with the Cruises!

What happened to the time when kids thought jelly sandals were the hottest thing to own; when dressing up meant having to wear itchy annoying stockings and even worse, meant having to brush your hair; and those high-end stores like Prada meant stuffy, over-perfumed, errands that you were forced to run in order to get a cone of ice cream? What happened to the good old days?

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