Parents Angry Over Suri’s Kitten Heels

Typically kitten heels are about as about as mild as one can get. In fact, the last time the last time they likely stirred up anything approaching trouble was when Maude decided to get all dolled up for Thursday night Bingo. But thanks to trendsetting tot Suri Cruise, that which was once safe enough for Sunday services, librarians and Michelle Obama is causing a firestorm of controversy now that retailers have latched onto the trend and started shilling Suri’s well-heeled look.

“Some of the shoes I’ve seen on sale look more suited to a lapdancing club than the feet of a young girl,” said Justine Roberts, an enraged mother in today’s Daily Mail. She claims the “items in question” are prematurely sexualizing children and Suri must be stopped. Seems a little drastic to compare a two-inch T-strap to a lucite stripper heel, no? But we’ll give her that with padded bikinis and make-up kits making an appearance on the children’s floor–her concerns aren’t without warrant.

For her part, Katie Holmes defends her daughter’s sartorial expressions saying that just like every other little girl, she loves to play dress up. And hey, it’s not like she’s out there scribbling her signature (assuming she can write) to a pair of “Cruise collection” platforms. Nonetheless, we can’t help but wonder when playing dress up crosses over into sending dangerous messages about body image and sexuality territory. Maybe that’s what parents are for. After all, what 3-year old is going to truck it down to the department store after she spots Suri Cruise in a pair of kitten heels?

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