Target’s Website Crashes… Again

Target has an internet problem — and a big one at that.

We chronicled last month’s Missoni mess, which involved a website crash of epic proportions. Well, apparently Target’s site suffered yet another crash yesterday and was subsequently down for two-and-a-half hours. Target’s web woes can perhaps be partially attributed to the fact that all of their online operations are now done in-house, after a decade of outsourcing to Amazon. And lest you forget, the company’s president of web operations resigned a couple of weeks ago after 29 years at Target.

Anyway, this is a big problem. It wasn’t too long ago (in what I like to call the Pre-Internet Internet™ era) that sites crashed fairly frequently, emails didn’t always find their way to the proper destination, and internet connections were lost on the regular. This is no longer that time. For better or worse, people expect sites to run perfectly 24/7 and then some. In this age of microscopic attention spans, there is very little room for error. Perform poorly (even for a few minutes!), and users will flee. Not to mention, when an e-commerce site goes down, tangible revenue is lost every second.

We’re sure Target is as frustrated with its web performance as its customers are, but this is a plea from them to get it together. Please? Target, we love you, we really do! We just want you at our fingertips whenever the online shopping bug bites.


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