New American Apparel T-Shirt Posits That ‘Teenagers Do It Better’

You’d think a guy whose teenage employees have accused him of turning them into sex slaves would want to do everything in his power to not look like a child molester. And yet, American Apparel CEO and skeezeball-in-chief Dov Charney is currently selling a t-shirt that proclaims “Teenagers Do It Better” in big block letters.

It doesn’t make us feel better to know that the shirt isn’t an American Apparel original — it was produced in collaboration with Luis Venegas‘ teen magazine Electric Youth! Venegas is, for the uninitiated, the 32-year-old mastermind behind the fashion glossies Fanzine137 and Candy (we LOVE Candy, and so does James Franco). But EY!, which is named after a Debbie Gibson song, mostly features guys barely old enough to buy cigarettes dancing around in their underwear for some of the world’s best-known photographers. Alisdair McClellan, Steven Klein and Doug Inglish have all shot for EY!

Like other cringe-inducing photo books that feature very young dudes in various states of undress (we’re talking to you, Coitus), EY! is cheeky and forthrightly concerned with sex. But as far as we can tell, Venegas isn’t doing anything illegal while producing his magazine, which American Apparel sells. Charney, on the other hand, was sued by four of his former employees for sexual harassment and assault earlier this summer. One of the young women said Charney threatened to fire her unless she performed sexual favors for him. At the time, she was 17 years old. If it’s possible, this shirt makes Charney look like a worse sexual predator than he’s been accused of being.

The fact is, teenagers are naive and impressionable — and as a result, creepy, manipulative grown-ass men can get them to do things they wouldn’t do in other circumstances. Including dancing half-naked in front of a camera and coming over to their apartments for unwanted sexual encounters. And that’s just not the kind of thing you should celebrate on a t-shirt.

[SheFinds, American Apparel]

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