The 11 Most Insanely Expensive Things To Buy A Child

Some people may say a triple-ply cashmere jumpsuit for a newborn is gratuitious. Ostentastious. Downright insulting in These Hard Times. I am not one of those people. From the first time I wandered into the Greenwich Village outpost of Bonpoint— sort of a Brunello Cucinelli for children– I became utterly enchanted with the idea of swathing my eventual babies in the proverbial Bonpoint lifestyle, right from the cashmere-jumpsuited beginning.

In the years since that first fateful stroll through the store, solid gold baby rattles, Bugaboos (and their alpha cousins — Inglesina Classica prams), and Burberry baby boxers have worked their way through my conciousness, gratis to a veritable Suri Cruise minifeed in the checkout line of the grocery store and my own avid, early research on how best to spoil my way-unborn children.

Some may say that if a baby gets the best of everything right from the beginning, uses a Cartier love bracelet as a teething ring and an Alfa-Romeo as a sandbox, they will have nothing to look forward to. I say pish-posh, with emphasis on posh. If you can swing it, your little Bonpoint Baby will grow up with a sincere and sophisticated appreciation for the finer things in life. Or turn on you completely, and refuse to wear anything but Keds, ripoff jean shorts and grungy band tees — and not the $400 ironic kind from Saks.

Accordingly, here some of the more luxe items available to purchase for the youngest subset of the population– and those who will be most likely to spit on your gift, outgrow it, and otherwise generally unappreciate it.

PHOTOS: The 11 Most Insanely Expensive Things You Could Buy A Child

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