The Goods: A Shades of Grey Skirt That Won’t Wilt in Sunlight

We may all want to while away the hours prancing from one sample sale to the next, or loading our virtual shopping carts with an entire season’s worth of new duds. Of course, real life (and even realer bank accounts) get in the way. The Goods, our new curated daily feature, delivers one standout steal hand-selected for your quick and easy shopping pleasure. Today’s find: A Shades of Grey mini that’s nothing to be self-conscious about.

Disclaimer: We never read 50 Shades of Grey. We’re believers in less is more – when it comes to both soft-core vampire S&M and muted monochromatic hues.

This two-toned mini only has one shade of grey, and with its folded waistband and pointy, fang-like front hem, that’s really all it needs. It’s game for after-dark deeds, but paired with a rad graphic tee, it certainly won’t wither in direct sunlight. You can also take it on public transport without feeling horribly self-conscious.

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Dan Abrams, Founder