The Goods: The Intergalactic Accessory for Anna Enthusiasts

We may all want to while away the hours prancing from one sample sale to the next, or loading our virtual shopping carts with an entire season’s worth of new duds. Of course, real life (and even realer bank accounts) get in the way. The Goods, our new curated daily feature, delivers one standout steal hand-selected for your quick and easy shopping pleasure. Today’s find: The oversized scarf for starry-eyed fashion fiends.

style wars scarf

We won’t lie – the American epic space opera genre isn’t one we have much to do with. But we claim it’s bereft of great accessories (we’d take a lightsaber over a neon clutch any day) and ahead-of-its-time hairstyles (Princess Leia, you trendsetting minx).

And this sequel starring Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld is definitely one we’d watch. The plot is a bit ambiguous, and we’re not sure Carine would wear a cape and Grecian gown. But hey, not technically being on planet earth makes people do crazy things.

50% wool, 50% cashmere and 100% badass.

These goods are equally out of this world:

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